Zak George’s Dog Training Videos

Zak George's Dog Training rEvolution videos on YouTube are so much fun.  His positive, charming personality works magic with dogs.  The videos are topical, short, and show you how to be successful with your own dog.  And they're free. We're going to review them all, and support Zak by donating through Everything You Need To Be Prepared … Continue reading Zak George’s Dog Training Videos

DIY Indoor Potty Training

Commercial dog toilets range from fake grass platforms (complete with fire hydrants) to square yards of real grass. They're a good way to sell refill packs for a lot of money, and I have better ways to spend $40/month.  So, I looked up "DIY indoor dog potty" and built my own. $10 storage crate from Costco w/ doorway cut … Continue reading DIY Indoor Potty Training