The Family Dog Blog begins in Fall, 2015, long before our puppy Kitto Katsu is born, the day we decide that the time is right for us to be dog owners.  Months later, we start this blog: bursting with excitement, waiting (mostly) patiently in line, counting off days until the dog of our dreams comes home to live with us.

We commit to raise an Alaskan Klee Kai (AKK) from about 8 weeks old, and to support the continual betterment of the breed.  As we explore the AKK community, we think about what our family contributions might look like.  We decide to celebrate all dogs and their owners, and to teach our own dog to be a gleeful ambassador.

The Family Dog Blog is our gift to you.  Here we record our adventures with Kitto Katsu the Alaskan Klee Kai.  We share what dog ownership can be. We showcase inspiring dog-owner friendships, and show you how to create the same bond between yourselves and your own dogs. We link everything to sources we learned from, so that you may follow up and come to your own conclusions.

Come with us. We will show our Family Dogs the way we want them to be.  They will follow our lead, and they will be spectacular.

Dad, Mom, Jess, Alyssa.  February, 2016.


Kitto Katsu is a Japanese phrase for “Surely win” or “Victory is certain.”  In English,  we might say “Good Luck,” but “Kitto Katsu!” is more fun.  Also, in Japan, people send “KitKat” bars to friends as encouragement.


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  1. Hello, i recently had the pleasure on running into your family on saturday at the farmers market. I was stunned at your little bundle of joy. My husband and I lost our Mini Pin “Princess” due to illness in April and its been lonely without a dog. We have looked at many breeds and my husband seems to be stuck on the husky breed which i am not in favor of a large dog…..then I saw yours!!!! Perfect, a win win ! However you just cant jump in the car to see one in person to see if that what we want……. I know you dont know me but I was wondering if you could take a few minutes out of your evening so my husband could see your pup in person ???


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