Socialization (5 Months)

Apologies for the long delay since the last post.  This special giant update should help! Summer Life outpaced my ability to write about it.  Jessica graduated from High School, and started work and prep for college.  Kitto graduated from Puppy Preschool on June 29 (See blurry picture above, blurry due to haste required to capture him in [...]

Socialization (15 Wks Old)

Kitto's last week of "best chance for socialization" was a blast.  We did something fun every day, ending in a road trip to the 2016 picnic on June 18. Before we go to the picnic, let's review our goals for Kitto and what we've accomplished.  Kitto has been easy to train because we started early, [...]

Socialization (14 wks old)

Three weeks left of "best easy socialization period" to go!  Kitto goes with us to the pet store, to Forest Park, the Farmer's Market, Cool Creek Park.  We walk often, at different times of day.  We're meeting all kinds of people in safe, positive contexts, for a couple of hours a day. Something new is happening.  [...]

Socialization (13 wks old)

At 13 weeks old Kitto already knew the basic commands, but the first day of Puppy class was humbling.  Our perfect little buddy didn't know what to expect from other dogs, and it showed. Imagine a large room with  8 or 9 annoyingly-quiet puppies present, ranging from 8 to 20 weeks old (under 14 weeks was required to [...]