Make Your Own Luck

About two weeks from the day we bring Kitto home, a new friend at our local pet supply laughed with us as we walked up and down the aisles and talked about toys and food and about our new puppy.

“You’re so unusual.  It’s nice to meet people who have really thought about the pet that they’re going to bring home.  It’s wonderful.”

We bring Kitto into the world intentionally, with forethought and love.  We’re having the best time geeking out over it, reading books, buying and making toys, etc.  We’ve even made an indoor doggy toilet, because we’re positive that Kitto can learn anything.

We’d like to be encourage you to make your dog’s life as deep and enriching as you can.  It doesn’t matter to the dog where it came from.  As far as it knows, there’s no difference between a shelter or a puppy mill or a breeder.  It’s completely dependent upon you for a warm, caring future.  Give your dog extra time today, and change your world.

Kitto’s Basic Training begins on May 1, the day he comes home.







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