Sous Vide Raw Dog Food

I want to feed the raw dog food Allprovide, but the AVMA recommends against feeding a raw diet because of the risk of foodborne illness.  They recommend feeding pasteurized food.  I can do that!

Enter the Annova Precision Cooker which my family uses for Sous Vide (cooking with water at low temperatures) a few times a month.

2016 03 04 Sous Vide Dog Food Standin

In this picture, Standin watches closely as we cook 9.5 lbs of pork loin at 135 F for two hours in a 5-gallon pot on the counter.  The cooker heated and circulated the water.  The food cooked in food-safe plastic bags with the air removed.  I’ll be able to cook an entire 12lb shipment at once with this setup (the pot is about half full in this picture).

Allprovide officially suggests microwaving or boiling, but their representative agreed that Sous Vide was perfect for ensuring food safety.  When I asked, they recommended 140 degrees F for 2 hours (more than needed for cooking raw pork for human consumption, but the extra 5 degrees provides a margin of safety for people with varied equipment).

I will happily feed a “minimally cooked raw dog food” diet!





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