My First Day As A Family Dog

Just for fun, Kitto’s first day with us, from “his” point of view.

I woke up to Dad’s alarm, and helped him out of bed.

Alyssa gives me good things

They ate breakfast and then Alyssa shared her dry kibble with me from a  bowl.  When I was about full Dad got something new out (Allprovide chicken).  He tasted it and said it was good, like bland sausage.  He shared with me.  It was wild good, so I bounced around to show him.

I learned to say please

I learned to sit in about five minutes.  My family was amazed, but it was easy and fun.

This bed is all mine

I did whatever I wanted today, mostly exploring and playing with things and people.

This Is My Potty Box

My puppy toilet is easy to use, and movable, so I pottied there mostly.  I pooped on a few things, too.  It is hard to remember the box and get to it when I am in the middle of bouncing around.  Besides, I would have to stop.  And I went once in the box anyway.

I met Jacob

At lunch I met Jacob, Jess’s friend.  He gave me paw.  I met more grandparents today, too, and friends from nearby.

I trained Alyssa to pet nicely

I taught Alyssa to pet nicely.

I trained Jess to pet nice

I trained Jess too.  I am pretty good at this.


Naptime came after lunch.  My blue blanket is comfortable and warm.

It was a Great Day

My family wasn’t paying attention much, but I knew when it was 7:30 after dinner.  I curled up to Dad and was asleep in a few seconds.

I don't remember this

I don’t remember this part at all, but it’s probably how I got back to my kennel.

I am SO looking forward to tomorrow!





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