Dog Politics

This page acknowledges heated dog ownership topics.  We present each side with links so you can learn and decide for yourself how you feel. Let’s learn from each other!

Dangerous Breeds   An emphasis on aggression as a genetic trait among certain breeds.

The Role of Breed In Dog Bite Risk And Prevention   AVMA

Dog Bite Prevention   AVMA

American Temperament Test Society   Standardized breed temperament tests and results.   A national dog bite victim’s group dedicated to reducing serious attacks.

Our Bias: People are responsible for the safe ownership of their dogs in a way similar to their responsibility to own and operate a vehicle or a gun safely.  We encourage the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, AKC Canine Good Citizenship, and AKC Community Canine programs for all dogs.  Certification is a starting point for beginners, similar to a drivers license or pistol training.  We owe it to our dogs to raise them to safely enjoy the company of other people and animals.

Don’t Shop, Adopt     A slogan encouraging purchasing shelter animals only.

Ten Reasons To Adopt A Pet   The Humane Society

Ten Reasons To Buy A Dog From A Breeder

Breeders Vs. Rescues

Adopt Don’t Shop — A Dog?

Our Bias: The Alaskan Klee Kai is a rare breed, with only a few thousand in the US in 2016.  They do not show up in shelters because they’re sold under contract to surrender back to their breeder if they can no longer be cared for.  Plus, we wanted a purebred animal with papers, so that we can show it and maybe even be breeders ourselves one day.  Dogs sold as AKKs without papers are very often not AKK at all.  There are a LOT of scams.

When we committed to the breed, we interviewed with a very small kennel if we might be a good match for a future puppy.  They had about 20 years experience breeding Alaskan Klee Kai, and had made major contributions to, the AKK breed itself, and also trained and showed their dogs.  They had a dozen AKK when we met, of which a handful were breeding.  The rest (retired breeders and pets) were living out their lives with them as family.

We made the choice to buy from this couple because they are the real deal, not backyard breeders or a puppy mill, and because we wanted to have a lifelong relationship with a small kennel that could guide us and help us with questions.  AKK are a serious investment that requires commitment to the health of the breed, not just to getting a cute dog.  We’ve owned shelter rescue dogs as kids, and a handful of rescue ferrets.  We “get it” when it comes to pet rescues.

We made a choice to bring Kitto Katsu into our family under the best circumstances.  We hope that all of your pets are acquired (however you manage it) with careful consideration, too.

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