A Fifty-Foot Adventure

Written and photographed by Alyssa (15)

On June fourth we set out to go to Forest Park. We put on Kitto’s safety harness, scooped some AllProvide, and got a training clicker. We drove about 8 minutes with minimal complaints from our tiny animal. As we were driving past our local Farmer’s Market, Kitto told us we HAD to stop and explore.

Upon our arrival we were quickly ambushed. “Sweetie, look at the little husky!” and “Well, he’s just darling!” were a couple of first impressions.

Rewarded For Good Behavior.jpg

Kitto got meat rewards for good behavior. (Licking, accepting petting, being cute, etc.)

Giants And A Pomeranian.jpg

He met a Pomeranian, and both responded well. The Pom didn’t want Kitto to get close, so we didn’t push it. This is the first dog he’s met that was smaller than himself.

Kitto Looks At Me.jpg

Kitto was very polite and offered sit. He was calm even in the crowd of people, and he looked up at Dad for reassurance and instruction.

Kitto Meets Adults.jpg

The little dude had around eleven to thirteen adults stop to pet him.

Kitto Meets Kids.jpg

He met nine or ten kids too. We offered them the end without teeth.

Kitto Likes Huskies.jpg

Kitto discovered he likes huskies (His ears are at the bottom of the picture for size comparison). We met two beautiful huskies at the Maya’s Barkery tent. Everyone there was super nice to us, and we loved the sweet doggies. They behaved perfectly even on long leads. Well-trained animals are the best. Kitto observed how they interacted with humans. They were quiet, kept their teeth inside their mouths, and enjoyed petting. We are training Kitto to follow their example.

We purchased a small red bandana for Kitto. The nice ladies put it in a bag with some little samples for Kitto as well. We appreciated the kindness from Maya’s Barkery and will definitely stop by again (the tent is there every week).

Kitto got soaking wet from a walk in the rain for the first time this morning, and it didn’t bother him at all.  The little guy was soaked again after twenty minutes at the market, so we decided to head home. We announced to Kitto Katsu that we would save Forest Park for another day. Overall, the outing took us about half an hour to explore fifty feet from the Farmer’s Market parking lot. For Kitto, it was a grand adventure. It was pretty cool for us too.






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