Every Dog Wants To Be Family

AKC Canine Good Citizen certification is a first step for responsible dog owners (similar to helping a human child pass Kindergarten).  It’s not expensive, and you get to spend fun hours enjoying your pet.  People will ask you why your dog is so well-mannered, and your dog will be welcome everywhere.  You’ll encourage others!

Do you own a Family Dog you’d like to share?  Email a picture and a photo of the certification to kitto@familydogblog.com.  Extraordinary stories also welcome!

2016 05 13 Haus

Haus, 2-year old German Shepard Dog.  Titles: Lifesaver.

On May 11, 2016, Haus was in the back yard with 7 year old Molly DeLuca and her grandmother.  He put himself between them and a rattlesnake, and was seriously bitten three times.

His family faced unexpected vet bills climbing fast to $28,000 or more as his chances improved.  Thanks to Evan Axelbank and Tampa Fox 13 News for sharing the story, and to over 1,000 people who donated to the family’s “Save Haus” fundraiser.  Haus is likely to be OK, and local GSD rescues in his area will benefit from excess money raised.

Haus gave his life for his friends, and social media bought it back.  We humans can be pretty cool when we want to be.  I grew up with a GSD who would’ve jumped in front of a snake for me, so this story rekindled a lot of warm old memories.  Good boy, Haus!

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